ok = pwAddModel(filenames, useMatIfUpToDate, arguments)
 ok = pwAddModel(m)

 Adds one or more models to the list of avaible model
 data couples. The model can either be reaction or ODE based.


Arguments for pwAddModel

 filenames         Single filename or cell array of filenames
                   If no file is specified, a file selection dialog opens.
                   If no file extension is specified, .m is assumed.

                   Supported file types:
                   *.xml  (Assuming an SBML file, requiring the SBML toolbox)
                   *.sbml (Assuming an SBML file, requiring the SBML toolbox)
                   *.* Registered file types (see pwRegisterImportAdapter)

 useMatIfUpToDate  true or false (default)
                   If true and a modelID.mat file exists which is younger
                   than the modelID.m file, the mat file will be loaded.

 arguments         Cell array of arguments that will be passed to the

 m                 Alternatively, a model struct m can be passed to the
                   pwAddModel function. The struct m should have been
                   initialized using pwGetEmptyModel and modified using
                   pwAddX, pwAddR, pwAddY, etc.

 ok                True, if all models could be loaded successfully.



 The model search path is:
 1. Current working folder
 2. ../Models
 3. Model folder as specified in the configuration

 Avoid to load mat files, if mother/daughter models
 are used, because changes in the daugther model do
 not change the time stamp of the mother model file, hence
 an old mat file will be loaded.


Passing arguments

 Since each model is a Matlab function, it is possible to pass function
 arguments. This can be used e.g. to define different variants of a model
 within the same file. The value of the passed variable will define
 which is used. It is recommended to change also the model ID depending
 on the used variant.



 % Model example header with a passed argument 'inhibitor'.
 % If no inhibitor is specified, the user can select it from a list.

 function m = getModel(inhibitor)

 m = pwGetEmptyModel();

 if ~exist('inhibitor','var') || isempty(inhibitor)
    inhibitors = {'Inhibitor1', 'Inhibitor2', 'Inhibitor3'};
    i = General_GUISelectItems(inhibitors, 'Please select one inhibitor');
    inhibitor = inhibitors{i};

 % Adding a model

 pwAddModel({'M1', 'M2'});

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