m = pwAddV(m, *ID, *rhs)
 m = pwAddV(m, interactive)

 Adds a reaction rate the model m. Only allowed for ODE based models.
 The ID of the reaction rate can be used within the right-hand side in pwAddO.


Arguments for pwAddV

 ID    The ID can be used in the right-hand side of any ODE.
       Example: 'V1'
 rhs   Right-hand side of the rate.
       Example: '- R_act*R*L'

 Alternative function call for interactive specification:
 interactive   bool    If true, the user is prompted to enter the properties
                       into a user interface.



 When dealing with e.g. chemical networks, the differential equations
 exhibit a certain structure: the flux from one node to another corresponds
 to a reaction rate v which is subtracted from the derivative of the first
 node and added to the derivative of the second node.

 When a complete network-based formulation is not feasible for a model,
 it may still prove beneficial to condense the ODEs by introducing rate
 variables instead of repeating their content explicitely in the derivative
 of all involved species.



 m = pwAddV(m, 'V1', 'R_act * R * L');
 m = pwAddV(m, 'V2', 'R_deact * pR');
 m = pwAddODE(m, 'R', '-V1 + V2');
 m = pwAddODE(m, 'pR', '-V2 + V1');

 instead of

 m = pwAddODE(m, 'R', '-R_act * R * L + R_deact * pR');
 m = pwAddODE(m, 'pR', '-R_deact * pR + R_act * R * L');

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