ok = pwCleanUp(dialog, deleteConnections, deleteTmpFiles, includeSubfolders)

 Removes all temporary files in the current folder,
 that were created by PottersWheel.


Arguments for pwCleanUp

 dialog     If true (default), a warning dialog is shown and
            the cleaning up can be cancelled if the configuration
            is set accordingly:
            config.general.warningWhenCleaningUp = true

 deleteConnections If true, the connection files which map external
            data sheets from model observations are removed.
            Default: false
            ! NOT YET IMPLEMENTED !

            If true, also *.tmp files are deleted.

            If true, the function cleans up recursively all subfolders.
            Default: includeSubfolders

 ok         True, if no exception happened during clean up



 Each filename is compared with a list
 of patterns which are as specific as possible.
 However, if by accident you named non-temporary files
 in a similar way, these file will be deleted as well.

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