Clears PottersWheel, initializes a new PottersWheel session,
 and opens the main user interface.


Arguments for pwClear

 resetRand    true or false
              If true, the Matlab pseudo-random number is reseted.
              If unspecified, the value config.general.resetRandInSessionStart
              is used. Its default value is true.


Random numbers

 Please note that reseting the random number generator will
 lead to exactly the same simulated data as in a previous session.
 This may affect e.g. Monte-Carlo simulations.

 Matlab changed the random-number seed approach after Matlab 7.7.
 Therefore the commands rand('state', 0) and randn('state', 0)
 are executed for Matlab prior to version 7.7
 and reset(RandStream.getDefaultStream) for higher versions.


Reseting the configuration

 Clearing PottersWheel by default also resets the PottersWheel configuration.
 In order to avoid a cleared configuration, set either

  config.general.resetConfigInSessionStart = false

 or save the current configuration using


 with the default filename 'pwConfigurationFile.mat'.
 This configuration will automatically be used when calling
 pwClear or starting a new PottersWheel session.

 If both, a configuration file exists and the field
 resetConfigInSessionStart is set to false,
 the configuration saved in the file will be used.

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