Opens the PottersWheel configuration dialog.

 The 'Fields' menu contains all fields of the configuration
 struct. Subfields are dynamically displayed using the
 same names as required in command line usage (see below).
 Changes to entries are affecting PottersWheel instantaneously.
 Closing of the dialog is not necessary (but consequently
 canceling is not possible either).

 Use the File saving and opening menu to store preferred settings
 for use e.g. in future sessions.

 Within own programs or at the command line,
 all configuration settings are accessible by using:

  config = pwGetConfig;
  config. ... % Make changes to config settings here

 This is especially useful, if you are working with PottersWheel
 Macros, since all settings are documented in the same file
 as the modeling, fitting, and analysis commands.

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