[stdValues, IDs] = pwFitSequenceAnalysis(percentage, minimumPValue, ...
                    useDerivedParameters, fits, percentageOutliers)

 Analysis of fits including:

  1. Chi square values
  2. p values
  3. Histograms
  4. Boxplots
  5. Correlation matrix
  6. Significant correlations
  7. Details of significant correlations
  8. Principal component analysis
  9. Biplot
 10. Dendrogram


Arguments for pwFitSequenceAnalysis

 percentage:    Fraction of best fits used for analysis.
                Between 0 and 100 (default).

 minimumPValue: Tries to calculate a p value of every fit stating the probability, that
                the model is sufficient to describe the data. Uses only fits that have
                a higher or equal p palue as minimumPValue.  The calculated p value is
                based on a chi-square test with N-#p degrees of freedom, where N is the
                number of fitted data points and #p corresponds to the number of fitted
                Default: 0 (i.e. all best fits are used)

 useDerivedParameters: true or false (default)
                Use this flag if you want to analyse rather the derived parameters than the
                original ones

 fits:          If empty, the fits of the last fit sequence are analyzed.

 percentageOutliers: 0..100
                The euclidian distance of each parameter to a common centre of gravity
                can be used to include only a percentage of outliers. A value
                of 90 corresponds to remove the 10% most extreme outliers.


 stdValues:     Standard deviation of fitted parameter values

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