Prints information about the currently fitted parameter values.


Arguments for pwInfo

 The following columns are printed
 (depending on simulated (=synthetic) or measured (=external) data):

 Parameter  ID of the k, s, or x0 parameter
 Value      Current value of the parameter as set in the equalizer
            (either by manual changes or a fitting procedure)
 Lower CI   Hessian-based lower confidence interval on the (last)
            parameter estimate.
            Its calculation, the confidence level, and the option to
            determine a point-wise confidence interval can be set via
 Upper CI   Upper confidence interval. See above.
 Reset      Usually corresponds to the parameter values as given in
            the model definition file, if not changed e.g. using
 True       True parameter values in case of synthetic data.
 Fraction   Fraction of current value over reset value as a measure on
            how much the parameter has been changed.
 Min/Max    Limits of the parameter used within optimization if
            a constrained optimizer like trustregion is applied.
            (smarquardt is not constrained).
 Fitted     If marked with an "x", the parameter is not fixed but
            was calibrated during parameter optimization.



 Depending on the change of a parameter compared to its "reset" value,
 the corresponding row is displayed in a specific color:
No changegrey
Increaed by a factor of 2 or moregreen
Decreased by a factor of 0.5 or lessred


 Parameter: Value:  Lower CI:  Upper CI: Reset: Fraction: Min:   Max: Fitted:
   1 k1     0.1482  0.118858   0.185013  0.1    1.48291   1e-005 1000   x
   2 k2     0.3867  NaN        NaN       0.1    3.86786   1e-005 1000
   3 k3     0.0363  NaN        NaN       0.1    0.363416  1e-005 1000
   4 k4     2.1178  NaN        NaN       1      2.11788   1e-005 1000
   5 k5     3.1463  2.7876     3.55116   1      3.1463    1e-005 1000   x

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