Installs the Sundials Matlab toolbox in order to apply the
 CVODES integrator without parallel support (integrator 14).



 Please download version 2.5 of the Sundials Matlab toolbox from
 It is included in the suite sundials-2.5.0.tar.gz.

 Unzip the suite using e.g. WinRar on Windows or
 tar -xvf sundials-2.5.0.tar.gz

 Start Matlab and set the working directory to

 Call pwInstallSundialsTB. The Matlab path is automatically updated.
 On Linux, a dialog may open asking you to save pathdef.m into a
 folder from where you start Matlab.



 This function is based on install_STB written by Radu Serban
 and installs only the parts of the sundials toolbox which
 are required for PottersWheel. Please use the original install_STB
 for a customized or complete installation.



 Error message:

  undefined reference to `mxCreateScalarDouble'

 The old sundialsTB toolbox of sundials-2.4.0.tar.gz used a Matlab C function
 named "mxCreateScalarDouble".  Instead it should be written as
 "mxCreateDoubleScalar". The old spelling is not supported in recent Matlab
 versions since R2011a. You have to correct the spelling manually in
  sundialsTB\cvodes\cvm\src\cvm.c and
 e.g. using the Matlab editor.

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