Saves all figures of the last step, e.g. the last analysis,
 to harddisk. The figure type (*.fig, *.eps, *.png, ...)
 can either be specified in the configuration dialog or e.g. via

  config = pwGetConfig;
  config.plotting.savePNG = 1;
  config.plotting.saveEPS = 1;
  config.plotting.savePDF = 0;
  config.plotting.saveJPG = 0;
  config.plotting.saveEMF = 0;
  config.plotting.saveTIFFEPS = 0; % including TIFF preview for MS Word

 Or it can be specified as cell array, e.g.
 pwSaveFiguresOfLastStep({'png', 'eps'}).
 In this case the configuration of PottersWheel is unchanged.

 pwGetConfig, pwSetConfig, pwReportAppendLastStep.