User interfaces
Changing of parameter values in real time Equalizer
Creating models using the model creation wizard Model creation wizard
Interactive 3D model-visualization Model Designer
Creating reports Report Designer
Simulating new experimental settings Driving Input Designer


Model creation and loading of experimental data
Structure of model definition files Example model
ODE based models ODE based model
Importing SBML models using the PottersWheel web service SBML Import


Analyses and plotting
Comparing competing models using several experiments Multi-Experiment-Fitting
Drawing families of trajectories after a fit sequence Fit sequence 1
Linear fit sequence analysis Fit sequence 2
Using the mean optimal transformation approach to detect groups of functionally related parameters, i.e. non-identifiabilities MOTA
Calculation of true parameter confidence intervals PLE
Fitting the apoptosis benchmark model Benchmark model
Goodness-of-fit depending on parameter values Chi-Square Surface
Sensitivity analysis Detailed Sensitivity Analysis, 3D Sensitivity Analysis
Plotting several species into the same axes Plotting groups
Applying algebraic parameter assignments directly in the equalizer Parameter equations
Working with Macros Macros
Phase space diagrams Phase space diagrams
Opening a subplot in a new figure Copy subplot
Select best fit of a fit sequence Best fit
Creating custom plotting functions Custom plotting



Old videos using PottersWheel 1.6


Dose-dependent view (wmv, DivX, XviD)

Working with model families (wmv, DivX, XviD)

Soft constraints (wmv, DivX, XviD)